Osman Bey, The founder of the Ottoman Empire.

The founder of the Ottoman Empire Osman Bey was born in 1258 in the city of Sogut. His father was Ertugrul Gazi and his mother was Halima Sultan. Osman Gazi was a tall guy with a round face, hazel eyes, and a dark complexion. His shoulders were big enough and the upper part of his body was longer than the other limbs. He used to wear the Horasan crown in the style of Cagatay, which was made of red cloth.

Osman Gazi was a brilliant leader. He was just, courageous, and kind. He helped the poor. Sometimes he donated his clothes to the poor. Every day, he gave everyone in her house a fine meal.

Osman Gazi was only 23 years old when he became the leader of the Kayi Clan in Sogut, in 128. Osman was a very brilliant rider and a fencer. He married Mal Sultana who was the daughter of the famous Omer. Mal Sultan was the mother of Orhan and Orhan succeeded Osman as King.

Osman Gazi appreciated the views of Edebali (the famous Ahi Sheik) and respected him. He used to go to the house of Edebali where a dervish group come face to face within Eskisehir Sultanonu and been his guest.

One night, while visiting a guest at Sheik Edebali's dargah, he had a dream. When the sun was shining, he went to Edebali and said to him,  "My Mentor, I saw you in my dream. A moon appeared in your breast. It rose, rose, and then got off into my breast. From my novel there arise from a tree. It enlarged and turned green. It branched out and got sophisticated. The large shadow of its branches covered the whole earth. What does it mean?

After a moment of silence, Shaykh Edebali told him:

I have good news, Osman! God has given you the kingdom and your son. The whole world will be protected by your son and my daughter will be the wife to you."

After this abnormal incident, Sheik gave Osman his daughter Bala Sultana and Alaeddin was born in this marriage. Upon his conquest of the fort of Bilecik, Alaeddin Keykubat, who is the monarch of the Seljuks of Rum, sent him "a horsetail, a standard & a drum" as the badge of sovereignty in 699 A.H. (1299 A.D.). After that, he made coins and asked for in Friday prayers read-only his name.

Osman grand vizier was his younger son, Alaeddin Pasha. Osman was the 1st to Ievy the "ak├že" tax. Osman Gazi was cognomen "Black", which according to an ancient Turcoman tradition signifies heroic and brave.

This Ottoman Empire arose in Anatolia and dominated for 600 years, over 3 continents. Osman Ghazi died in Bursa in 1326. When he died, he left a pair of high boots, horse armor,  a lance, a sword, a few horses, a few sun jacks, sheep, spoon containers, and three herds of salt.

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